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Happy Birthday, Sister!

"An older sister is a friend and defender, a listener, conspirator, a counsellor and a sharer of delights. And sorrows too." - Pam Brown

Happy birthday to my favorite sister in this world. May all your dreams come true, Kacidos. I love you. Kitto daijoubu, onee chan...*kisses*


Menyelip masuk ke relung
menggoda dengan sapaan tolol yang berarti
untuk apa datang jika harus pergi?
untuk apa hadir kalau setengah hati?


Kau adalah malam
bukan, mungkin kau siang
ah, tapi sepertinya kau fajar

maaf, aku terlalu suka senja.

2011 Wasn't So Bad (Part 2)

September Another Hari Raya Idul Fitri that I spent at home. We were so happy because my brother got his annual leave for several days. But I felt a bit sad because I have to go to Penang to start over life as a master student. So most of my September I spent with an adaptation and adjustment again. I felt so lonely at the first time and it was  quite hard to back to an academic life after like one year off. Yeah, back to crazy eating and sleeping schedules and do the things all by my self yet I'm so excited to back to school.
Also in this month my friends graduated and I attended their graduation party. Again, there always emotional moments when I have to see my friends leave for home and I don't know when I can see them again. *almostcryingwhentyping* (I posted about this last time).
Oyeah, Ayah visited me for a day on September. It was quite fun having such daughter-daddy time.:)

October-November Oh, no! don't ask these two months. That was extremely hectic times …

2011 Wasn't So Bad (Part 1)

Well it's already the third day of 2012 but I still want to enclose what happen last year. Say that I'm in new year's euphoria but I find it fun to just review what you have done in one year. 2011 was a tough year and I think it was a super duper 'galau' year. I have to write it 'galau' because the 'galau' word was like a trend last year and I hope it won't be this year. It brings negative energy sometimes. Haha.
So here I want to recall what I have gone through in 2011.
January  I began year of 2011 as an unemployment girl. I lived my life with bunch of DVDs and started to be addicted to Korean wave (especially drama and its soundtrack plus Korean indie music scene). This month was the beginning of my 'galau-ness'.
February This is always be my favorite month, even as a jobless girl, and I passed last February as an 21-year-old-jobless-and-still-can-not-move-on-girl. Yet I got two surprise on my birthday. First was in the midnight from the h…