2011 Wasn't So Bad (Part 1)

Well it's already the third day of 2012 but I still want to enclose what happen last year. Say that I'm in new year's euphoria but I find it fun to just review what you have done in one year. 2011 was a tough year and I think it was a super duper 'galau' year. I have to write it 'galau' because the 'galau' word was like a trend last year and I hope it won't be this year. It brings negative energy sometimes. Haha.

So here I want to recall what I have gone through in 2011.

I began year of 2011 as an unemployment girl. I lived my life with bunch of DVDs and started to be addicted to Korean wave (especially drama and its soundtrack plus Korean indie music scene). This month was the beginning of my 'galau-ness'.

This is always be my favorite month, even as a jobless girl, and I passed last February as an 21-year-old-jobless-and-still-can-not-move-on-girl. Yet I got two surprise on my birthday. First was in the midnight from the house and another one was from my best girls (Karin, Nesty, Ermel and Mutia). Kak Rap and my cousins also came to my house and they bring along cute cakes. Oh, I was like not having cake or kind of breads for a week after that night. Anyway it was a great and sweet Saturday night. Thanks, everyone.:)

Pesta kaget!:D
Crazy photo session with the girls :*

This was quite dense month actually. I was still have no job but I got a call to take a writing test in one of economic newspaper in Medan. But it didn't work out maybe because I can't answer the last question that I clearly have no idea what the question means. Or maybe this is just not my way. Haha.

I went to Penang on this month to apply my Master's program and also attend my friends' graduation party. And again, this wasn't gone so well because I got chickenpox as I arrived there and my Mom asked me to go back. I wasn't even sent my application yet. So I spent almost two weeks of bed rest before going back to Penang and get the things done.

In the waiting of offer letter, I was still jobless, which makes me frustrated because I had nothing to do. I sent my CV to all company that I thought matched my qualifications. This is a flat month and I can't even remember any significant thing happen. Just passed like that.

Still, have no job but I had good times with my sister because unexpectedly she became an unemployment too. Hahha. We went to places in town with no money and feel like nothing happen. Well, we actually thought about our future and we went to some job fairs. And if I'm not mistaken, I started to learn Hangul on this month. Yes! Now I read that strange alphabet but I still can not understand the structure to make sentence. I hope I can learn more next time.:D

The most important thing in this month is we decided to wear 'hijab' which makes my Mom and Ayah extremely happy. Well, we hope that we can be better persons plus have better life after this. Insya Allah.

With Kacidos!:D

These two months was quite rough because I had to make some important decisions. My former colleagues offered me a job to handle the content of their new advertisement paper. I firstly doubt about it but in the end I took that considering my nothing-to-do-life. I worked only like one month (4 editions) but I got pretty much lessons when I was there and it is good I think. Thank you, guys.:)

Around these months, I got call for an interview at one of production house in Jakarta. They offered me a job as a scriptwriter but I turned it down because I think that wasn't a right time to go plus economical issue. I felt sad actually but I was just play cool and back to my daily life.

And I think it payed by the offer letter came from USM. I got accepted there as a master's students. Then I was prepared my self to go back to school. :)

This is the second Ramadhan I spent at home after my graduation. I was so happy because I can spend more time with my family since I had not much time when I was still taking my degree. I was so excited every time My Mom, Ayah, or sister asked me to do things because I'd be away for another years back to school so I just do what they want me to do. Hahaha. And in this month also I finally got my 'proper' driving license. :P

After Shalat Ied. 
to be continue ~


Sakiinah said…
i cant even remember what happened to me EVERY month LOL!

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