2011 Wasn't So Bad (Part 2)


Another Hari Raya Idul Fitri that I spent at home. We were so happy because my brother got his annual leave for several days. But I felt a bit sad because I have to go to Penang to start over life as a master student. So most of my September I spent with an adaptation and adjustment again. I felt so lonely at the first time and it was  quite hard to back to an academic life after like one year off. Yeah, back to crazy eating and sleeping schedules and do the things all by my self yet I'm so excited to back to school.

Also in this month my friends graduated and I attended their graduation party. Again, there always emotional moments when I have to see my friends leave for home and I don't know when I can see them again. *almostcryingwhentyping* (I posted about this last time).

Oyeah, Ayah visited me for a day on September. It was quite fun having such daughter-daddy time.:)

With Ayah at Cititel Hotel, Georgetown, Penang

Oh, no! don't ask these two months. That was extremely hectic times and almost make me crazy. Classes, assignments, presentations, and all those college thingy. I think my twitter timeline and some posts on this blog explained that.

So, this is some pictures how messy my room and desk. Please don't judge. :))

The most entertaining thing happened on this month was Zee Avi's concert. Ah, finally I can see her live performance. That was an epic concert! I went there with Hajar and we had so much fun. :)

With Hajar waiting for Zee's performance at Straits Quay Convention Hall :)

Zee Avi with her band. Such a great concert. Sorry for picture quality. I lost camera so now I can only take picture with my Balckberry. -_________-"

This was also still hectic time until almost the end of the month. I was still have to do my assignments and done two presentation which I thought not so good ones. Well I spent my NYE with my roommate at fast food restaurant while bringing our notes and assignments. Yeah. this December was tough but thank God I still can go out with some friends.


Well, as I recall and write this, I found that my 2011 was not as bad as I thought before. Now I see it clearly and differently. I realize that this year was tough and very confusing. But I was done many things. I could do what I couldn't do before, I learn something new and meet new people. I appreciated time and people surround more.

Briefly, I think lessons that I got from what happen in 2011 are:

  • don't rush things, everything has its time. 
  • things change and things have process, so do people.
  • no matter how bored and messy you are, there will always people who can make you happy and accept you just the way you are, either friends or family.
  • time is very precious thing. We can not go back to the past and we can rush to the future. The cliche 'live in the present' actually works. Yeah sometimes we just have to enjoy the times, good or bad.
  • no matter how great we create plan, God has always has better plans for each of us.
And now what will happen in this 2012? I don't know. I already have my plans for this year and I hope that I can accomplish each of them. But I still have to enjoy every single time, right?

So, Happy belated New Year, guys! Hope we all have an awesome year ahead.:) 


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