Thursday, October 27, 2011

Flashback Blogger

Saya hampir lupa pertama kali saya negblog. Kalau tidak salah, kelas 1 SMA. Ketika sedang browsing tak menentu, Maklum, waktu itu tahun 2004, lagi maruknya punya komputer sendiri di kamar dan koneksi internet- telkomnet instan.

Saya merasa sangat keren karena bisa menulis hal-hal yang biasanya cuma saya tulis di notepad komputer. Tapi dulu masih belum punya teman, dunia blog masih sepi. Lalu saya melupakannya, sampai saya kelas 3 SMA. Sempat beberapa kali post entry tak berarti, lalau terlupakan lagi. Wah, dari awal memang tidak menunjukkan blogger sejati. -_-

Lalu ngeblog di blogspot terlupakan sampai ada aplikasi blog di Friendster. Seingat saya, dulu kalau mau ngeblog di Friendster, umurnya harus 18 tahun. Maka, waktu saya berumur 18 tahun, yaitu tahun 2008 saya mulai suka ngeblog di Friendster. Namanya waktu itu A Perfectionist Dreamer. :))

Karena ingin lebih eksis, tidak lama saya pindah ke blogspot dengan nama yang sama. Lumayan aktif (tapi ya tetep, entry seputar kehidupan dan kegalauan). Karena saya remaja yang labil, maka saya buat akun Multiply dan secara aktif ngeblog di situ. Selama kuliah S1 saya aktif di Multiply.

Ternyata blogspot tetap di hati, jadi saya memutuskan kembali ke blogspot. Luar biasa emang labilnya. Namun kali ini, bisa cross posting dari Multiply. Darimana pun nge-post nya bisa. Keren ya Multiply?! Hehe.

Makaaaa...Ndooksicm! pun bertahan hingga sekarang. Kumpulan cerita, opini, kegilaan dan keluh kesah yang kadang gak penting dari saya. Malah sekarang sudah merambah ke Tumblr juga. :D

Sebenarnya saya kurang pasti juga definisi Blogger itu apa. Menurut saya sih Blogger itu ya orang yang punya akun blog dan (secara aktif atau tidak) nge-blog. Tujuan sama isi blognya aja yang beda-beda. Ada blogger yang update post tiap hari tiap minggu, tiap bulan atau malah tiap tahun. Ada yang ngeblog buat iseng, buat nulis puisi, buat maki-maki orang, buat cerita dan sharing cerita kehidupan.

Tapi yang jelas, buat saya blog itu ruang ekspresi diri aja. Sebagai pengingat juga. Saya suka ketawa sendiri baca-baca postingan lama. Oh, ternyata dulu saya pernah ini...pernah itu...Supaya tidak lupa saja. Ngeblog juga bikin saya sadar kalau dunia itu luas, manusia itu macam-macam.

Saya suka baca blog teman-teman atau orang lain yang seru dan inspiratif. Tapi saya sangat menyanyangkan kalau di beberapa blog page yang pernah saya kunjungi, ada yang tidak begitu sadar akan yang namanya hak cipta. Semoga bisa jadi pelajaran juga ya. Harta intelektual itu mahal lho. :D

Jadi teman-teman, jangan lupa memberi credit title di setiap kalimat yang ditulis, gambar atau video yang diupload di blog ya...Blog memang ruang ekspresi pemiliknya tapi tetap harus bertanggung jawab.

Selamat Hari Blogger Nasional! :)

P.S : semoga saya bisa menulis entry yang lebih berbobot ke depannya... -__-

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rambling #4

Okay, I'm stuck with these ASSignments. I don't what I should write anymore. Still hanging on page 1. #killme. So I decided to answer (unimportant) quiz that I copied from my friend Dian's blog site. Been a long time not done this kind of quiz! :D

How tall is the last person you kissed?
eww. that was like a year ago. better not to remember it. hahaha. well, i think he's about 165cm

When is/was your parents anniversary?
20 February. and my birthday is on 19. yeaah...I was always think that I'm a birthday present but now I think I'm a disaster.

Do you really care if your TV is in HD or not?
yeah. I have no time to watch.

If you were offered to smoke some weed right now, would you accept?
No. I'm stress but, no. I won't smoke. Coffee and chocolate are enough. :)

What were you doing at midnight last night?
I was sleeping. Yeah, I was too tired.

Where did you get the shirt you’re wearing?
I bought it in a shop at nearest mall form my campus.:P

Have you consumed alcohol in the past 24 hours?

Is there anyone home?
you mean room? yes, my roommate is still sleeping.

Did you hook up with anyone tonight?

What time will you go to bed tonight?
maybe at 1am. Need to get up early for Subuh.

What is wrong with you right now?
muscle pain, hair fall. sucks!

What’s on your mind right now?

Listening to music?

When was the last time you smoked?
I'm not a smoker.

Next vacation you’re going to?
I don't know. no plan.

Do you always lock your bedroom door?

Have you ever had a near death experience?
I think I have one.

Do you want a small or big wedding?
Now I don't really care about wedding. I'm young and free.:))

Does the idea of college scare or excite you?
It's always excite me yet scare me.

What colors are you wearing right now?
black shirt and blue shorts.

Is there anything you’ve got planned for the upcoming week?
I have to finish my assignments. The due date is on next two weeks.

Grab your cell phone. When did you last receive a text?
22 minutes ago

Do you have any tattoos that you want?
No, I haven't.

Is there anything worrying you at the moment?
Always. My mind is always busy. Don;t ask. It's too much. Natural.

Honestly, do you wish there was someone still in your life who used to be there but for whatever reason isn’t anymore?
On my sentimental side, yes. On my dignity side, big NO!

Do you wear jewelry a lot?
No. It's better for investing. :P

Who in your life are you scared to lose more than anything?
Mom, Ayah, Brother and Sister. Oh, I miss them much!!!

Honestly, would you rather be single or in a relationship?
Now I think I'd chose to be single. No time to think of other person.

What do you think about girls who rely on men in order to have any sort of self esteem?
It's just a problem how a person look at something. But I hope I'll never do that.

Do you and your best friends have a lot in common, or are you different?
lot in common, lot in different.

What’s something you do to take your mind off of things?
sleeping. or listening to Korean song. It can divert to 'what's the meaning of that song?' then I'd think of something else. :))

What is your biggest flaw?
I'm really suck at remembering the street. Thank God I can remember the way from home to campus.

Do you see your relationship status changing anytime soon?

Do you dance?
I was danced in from of people. Now I only dance in front of mirror.

What’s something you can’t wait to happen?
my master's graduation on March 2013. Insya Allah.

Think back to June. Who did you like?
Korean pretty boy(s).

Will you keep your last name when you get married?
Only if my husband's last name is cooler than mine.

Did you have any unread text messages when you woke up today?

Do you want to see anyone right now?
Not really.

Do you think two people can last forever?
Not all.

Do you have a box where you keep all your really important things?
Yes I do. Cheesy.

When was the last time you bit someone?
can't remember. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rambling #3

So, what to say? or more specifically what to write? I'm still dealing with my postgrad world. I haven't thought that this is really hard. I was kind of miss reading books but now I'm about to vomit just to look at the cover.

I know this is Saturday night. No, technically it's already Sunday. I should've going out with my friends, like I always do. But no, I'm sitting on my desk trying to finish these assignments.

I feel so dumb looking at the essay I'm writing. I feel useless reading these books. I don't know what to write. I don't know where should I start.

Everybody tells me that this is gonna be alright. Yeah, I know, this is just another day. But please I hate cliche advice. I really do.

P.S : I'm starving! -_-

Monday, October 3, 2011

What Will You Do?

I do a lot of thinking lately. Well, actually not only lately, I'm thinking a lot since I was born. Hahaa. But for this matter, yes, lately.

As my fourth week of being a postgrad student, I met new people with their opinions, and also old people, means people I used to know, and of course, with their own opinions.

Every time conversation stuck into 'the life after university', the subjective and objective view got distracted. what will you do after your student life? what are you going to be after years of education? Will you work for people? will you start your own business? or you're going to back to school, pursue a highest level of study? or maybe, get married, start a family?

Since everyone has their own view, I often see that some people can not accept the point of other people. I mean, like, what's wrong with working for people? and what's wrong with pursue the study? and is that a crime of getting married?

I have friends that happy (financially or mentally) with their monthly salary from the company. They manage their life. I also have friends that really enjoy their own business. Making money from their passion, their ability to create something creative. And some of my friends are still busy with the books, notes and research. There are friends that so into their marriage life.

When I see those people, I feel like, hey, there's nothing wrong what you do after life of university. You can work, back to study, get married, or maybe, just stay at home, do some travelling.

Sometimes I think that, the 'cliche' chain of study- work- married is not that relevant these days. I think it's okay to do things I mentioned before as long as we know what we're doing, we know our own goals.

So, happy Monday, people! Let's rock this world.

P.S : I do love USM Hotspot (for the first time of uni life), no buffer on YouTube!!!:))

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rambling #2

Geez! Entry dengan judul 'Rambling' mungkin akan terus berlanjut sampai saya menghabiskan masa studi 1,5 tahun ke depan. Kita lihat sampai nomor berapa postingan jenis ini. Hahaha

Well, ini udah minggu ketiga kuliah dan saya masih harus berkutat dengan buku-buku tebal berisi teori dan metode penelitian komunikasi. Plus, tugas-tugas yang entah kenapa saya jadi bodoh membuatnya. Sepertinya dulu kalau buat tugas oke-oke aja.

Mungkin saya makin bodoh? atau memang pelajarannya yang tingkat kesulitannya makin tinggi. So, I'm leaning toward the first, karena gak mau dibilang makin bodoh. *defencive mode: ON

Sebenarnya saya happy dengan this so called student life. I enjoy reading and attending class, but, oh my God. Why is it so difficult to write the assignments?? Rasanya sulit sekali merangkai kata-kata. *lah, ini buat posting panjang-panjang apa hal?*

I'm sorry for my kacau balau grammar and campur aduk language. Tinggal di negara ini memang memaksa saya untuk sedikit sok Inggris, mengatur lidah untuk berbahasa Malaysia, dan tetap cinta tanah air dengan menggunakan bahasa Indonesia yang baik dan benar. But, it's okay, I love languages. :D

So, what now? Yes I should go back to the readings and assignments. God, please give me the strength, intelligence and healthiness along the way. And that's my October wish.

So, have a good day, people. Let's enjoy our October. :)

P.S : oh, can I just watch the drama 1 episode more? hahahaa. because now we can access YouTube with campus' connection. Ah, thanks USM! I heart you !: *