A Letter to John

Well, it’s been three days since 70th John Lennon's birthday. I promised myself to write something but I just did nothing at that day. I didn’t tweet with hashtag #factsaboutjohn and I didn’t write any piece of writing. So here I am, wanting to write him a letter. A letter to John. Feel free to call me idiot or ‘lebay’ but I just want the world to know that I love John!

Hello, John. As a matter of fact, I don’t know what to call you. Grandpha? Such an old. Father? Oh, no, it makes my father’s credibility affected. Friend? No, no, it’s just like I’m as old as you. :D So I just call you, John, okay?

So, hello John!

I’m wishing you a happy birthday. Yeah, I tweeted that and I mentioned your wife, Yoko Ono. But she didn’t reply. It’s fine, there must be million people there who did the same thing.

Well, did you know that when I was about 11 or 12, I was in my Junior High School, and my friend asked me, “Nda, who’s your favorite artist?” I answered “hmm…The Beatles.” And my friend got confuse. Yes, I knew what’s that face, he wondered. Who the hell is The Beatles? So I started tell him about you, and your band also.

John, did you know that I’ve always wished I lived in 60s? I imagined about dress up, put on my make up and see your concerts. I watched your concert video and see so many girls are so crazy about you. I think if I lived on that time, I’d be one of those girls.

But here I am, in the age of internet. I just can hear you from my father’s old CDs and cassettes collection. I hear you from the downloaded songs. I watch you in DVD and Youtube. But it’s okay, thank God my father has a cool taste of music. He introduced me many great musicians at his age, including you of course.

And I actually feel lucky because I can learn from you. Maybe if I lived in 60s, I couldn’t think clearly and and just follow the culture that (many people said) you an your band brought. I think I can think wisely here about that.

Hey, you know John. I really like you. Your words, your songs, your style, and surely, your thinking. Even my friends always say “Nda, why do you like him? He’s already died.”. And I think that, what’s wrong with that? It’s just like you adore Presiden Soekarno, right? (oh, Presiden Soekarno is Indonesia’s first former Presiden, John, maybe you’ve ever heard it).

Oyeah, about learning. Why did I say that? I had a conversation with my friend once and he asked me that question, “why do you like John?”. And I can’t even find a word. And then suddenly he said, ‘manusiawi’. Yes, that word. Manusiawi, it’s nature of human in your language.

Yeah, you had it, John. You’re just a human. You talked, you screamed, you cried, you loved, you cheated, you envy, you wanted something more, but above all, you want peace! And you came up with those brilliant songs and words. That’s why I like you.

Thanks to a friend of mind who found that word. Now I know why I like you, John, after all these years. Then I realize, this life is too awesome to be regretted. We can survive with that humanity. You died 30 years ago but your spirit, your words, your songs are still in people’s heart. Can you imagine that? You’re an awesome person, John!

What else? I think nothing to say more. There are thousand articles about you and your life, and I think no need to add it again. So this is my tribute to you. I can’t play music instrument but I know your lyrics well. And I just can sing them when I do my things.

Okay, John. May you rest in peace there. This world is nothing but chaos now. Everyone wants peace. But I know, the only place we can find one is in our heart, if we give peace a chance ! And I learned it from you. Thank you.

P.S : I love you.


Fandi Abdullah said…
yes, the legacy from Lennon will live forever.
ananda anwar said…
fandi : yes, of course..:)

lulabi : thank you... your 'asimetris' is super cool too! :D
lulabi said…
hahah super thanks, migo
Sakiinah said…
May you rest in peace there. This world is nothing but chaos now. Everyone wants peace. But I know, the only place we can find one is in our heart, if we give peace a chance !


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