And now you're with her, your new lover.
You look so happy but i'm still in pain here.

I'm still into you and feel desperate lately.
but now i realize, i'm not the only one who hurt, feeling pain.
there are so many out there whose the same problem, even the bigger one.

So i'm gonna make my self up, dear.
Soon, i will.
Cause i don't wanna fall to something (or someone) that i don't deserve. (again)

You hurt me.
And I want you so bad.

I want you, but I deserve someone better than you!

I'm gonna fly again
and sing a new song.
Soon, i will.
I hope.

So this is what I want to say to you:

*oyeah, Tschuss! means Bye in Germany.

P.S : yeah, i know she's beautiful but don't forget to tell your new girlfriend that i'm cute. :P


Indrie meilani said…
yeah . .

Go ndokk !!

don't be sad my dear Labil Friend..

Tschuss! sana mantan nya ndokk !!

kasian yg baru,dapet bekasnya ndokk.

mamam tu sana bekasnya ndokk..

love you ndokk..muachh muacchhh
ananda anwar said…
hehhee...thank you ndriee...
my labil friend at office...:D

love you too mmuach mmuach
Anonymous said…
life keeps on turning..yeah..

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