#fuckyeahmyauntmary !

Ah, since the twitter era this #thingy became one of common thing. And if my lecturers see this post, i write headline with that sign, they'll absolutely give me an 'E". :))

Well, I just wanna share about my newest favorite band, My Aunt Mary. An indie band from South Korea first debuted in 1999 with Vol.1 My Aunt Mary. After that, they released Rock and Roll Star(2002), Just Pop (2004), Drift (2006) and the latest is Circle (2008). 

It's like you listen to Pure Saturday but in Korean language. My most favorite track is Sweet from album Drift. The other one is Last Greeting from Circle. But I overall love the Circle album.

Aaaah, ahjushi...saranghaee....:D 
The video below is also one of my favorite tracks. Enjoy.

P.S : It's so hard to find their song lyrics so I have to do blogwalking at some of Korean blog then convert them into Romaji. :))


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