SPARKLING INDONESIA 2, more than you know...

SPARKLING INDONESIA is an event organized by Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia Universiti Sains Malaysia (PPI-USM).
This year would be the second SPARKLING INDONESIA which the first one was on July last year.

The main aim of held this event is to show people the diversity of Indonesia's culture. But to attract the audience here, we also invite the local artist to perform, whether it is dancing or band performance.

Last year, we invite THE TIMES, one of indie music legends in Malaysia. And this year, BUNKFACE will come to our stage!
Also this year, we invite students from Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) to perform many kinds of Indonesia's dancing!

This SPARKLING 2 is more challenging because the people who manage this even are less than last year. Besides, we can not avoid the issue about the relation of two countries, Indonesia - Malaysia more or less is influence our work.

But deep down inside our heart, we really want to make this event work out, like one last year.

So, support us!

SPARKLING INDONESIA 2 will be held on:

day/date : Saturday/ October, 3rd 2009
time : 8pm - drop
venue : Dewan Budaya USM

Get the RM10 ticket at our stand in Foyer DK!

We also organize Band Festival which still in th same theme with SPARKLING. Whoever interested with this band competition just come and fill the form at our stand.
Don't forget to bring your registration fee, RM50.
The winner would become an opening act of BUNKFACE!!!!

The Band Competition will be held on:

day/date : Friday/ October 2nd 2009
time : 8pm - drop
venue : Dewan Budaya USM

FREE entrance for who just come and see!

SPARKLING INDONESIA 2, more than you know...

For further information just visit four page.


kanya nadra said…
pengen banget dateng ndook tapi apa daya aku ga bisa bolos :(
AA said…
I was there and you guys did one hell of a good job.. bravo to you guys

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