2009 was actually a GREAT year!

So, this is new year. But not like Ben Gibbard, I feel different. And for me, 2009 was….an amazing year! amazing happiness and amazing sorrow as well. And I think, it’s not too late to remember all things I’ve been through last year.

I'm 19 years old

Yep! it’s so easy to count my age!:) Last February I’m officially become a 19 years old girl, with 13 years old body.;) *even those kids have bigger size! But it’s not a big problem, as long as I have that 5 sense perfectly, I’m so lucky and I know that God has special plans with all these!:)

Internship NewsTV9

Wow! That was on May until July and I haven’t written any post on that time. Well, I met a lot of new people, with different background and personality. And I got a little piece of description about life as a part of the media, the broadcast one especially.

And this is one of very special moments I made an interview with the Ambassador of Indonesia in Malaysia, Tan Sri Da’i Bachtiar about issue Ambalat and the relationship between Malaysia and Indonesia currently. That was my first ‘formal’ interview and that…was with the Ambassador! I didn’t even imagine that before!! I’m sorry if I’m too over, I just was very excited.

These are the picture anyway:


 *at the studio, office, and in front of building!:)

*with Pak Duta Besar

Saudi Arabia

This is another great thing on 2009. My family and I went to that tanah suci, Makkah, to do Umrah. Just like my Ayah, I didn’t expect we can get out there in five!!! Guys, I’ve seen Ka’bah, I prayed in front of it. I did around it. I stood up seaside of Laut Merah. I prayed in many historical mosque and I beg my soul mate on Jabal Rahmah.:)

Thanks God! And thanks to Ayah and Mama for that very very great journey! (though I have to skip 2 weeks of my class!) hehe

These are some pictures of it:



  *somewhere near Nabawi Mosque in Madinah


*side of Laut Merah

First Election

Yippiee...I'm 19 and last year was my first time to join the public election. Hope the one I choose can do the best for the country.:) 

I did the first rolling in Penang and the second one in Medan.

*in Medan,near my house.hehe


And here it comes, the dark part of this year. I broke up with him. Yeah, I'm tired to tell the story and I just want to move from this 'blue' situation. He's got his world and I've got mine. Enough.

My Ayah's Retirement

Yeah, my Ayah comes to 56 years old so he has to quit from his job. He’s done great, all the way I think.  I still remembered my Dad worked so hard, am to pm, try to survive our family life. Maybe he’s not the best father in the world, but he’s the best of us!

And thank God he also does great of his retirement. Not like any other (ex) bosses, who spend their ‘unemployed time’ with sadness and think how to make money again, my Dad just enjoys it. He’s still wake up early, and woke us up to do Subuh praying, take my Mom wherever she goes, and still do his garden.

I hope you stay healthy, Ayah!:)

My Brother is Back to School

After completed his degree, he continued his economy study to the higher level. Now, he goes to campus with tie tied on his neck! Haha!
All the best for you, Bro...

My Sister is Out from School

Haha! as a closing of this year, my older sister comes with the track. She's completed her degree in psychology and the graduation party will be held on this 23rd January. *and I'll be back home for a while. Yiippiiiee..
Good luck for you sist! You can make it true and kitto daijobu lah pokoknyaaa..

Well, 2009 was great actually! Hope this year better!


Ivann Makhsara said…
Geez... that's the coolest thing i've heard from you..
ananda anwar said…
lope you too kastrid!;p

hehe.thanks anyway van!:)

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