Tribute to the First Love!

Hello there. What are you doing tonight?

There are so many things to say about us, the things to remember. And now I just want to say thank you. Thank you for years we've been together. Thank you for years of you tried to understand, love, and care of me. Thank you for every moments. Thank you for the lesson how to love and to be loved.

I hope you're doing fine there, with your new lover or anyone. I'm sure we can handle this. We're going to get what we deserve.

* i was so happy for being with you in those over 2 years!:)

Have a great life ahead, dear!:)


this is so sweet dear. :)
If this what you call first love, then you may have your second love.
and believe me, it'll taste better than your first love. Why? Because you've learned those mistakes you did with your first love. :)
ananda anwar said…
thank you darl!:D
i wanna feel the sweeter love soon!
*hahahaa...getek kali aku ya kan!:P

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