Rambling #1

I should be writing on my assignment and thinking about my research proposal. But, no. I've started to read all those books and my mind is full. I can't even write one paragraph for the short essay.

This is the second week of my post grad study, And I've already got like 5 assignments. The deadline is next month. But, next month? it's only like 2 weeks more.

I actually can't fully concentrate on my assignment since my friends are coming here to attend the convocation. Yeah, I miss the girls and I feel useless if I don't spend my times with them. I know that when I'm out with them, assignments always on my mind.

But I'm so glad meeting my friends, my girlfriends. There's no words to say about us. Recalling our (good and bad) old days together and sharing all the recent stories. Oh, thank God you sent them into my life. :)

Oh, I really should back to those books. Seriously, this is tough. Please, God lead my way.

Oyeah, I congratulate all my friends who graduate this week. I wish nothing but success to all of you. Hope we can meet again someday. Cheers :)

*foto menyusul. yang punya kamera belum ngirim gambar*


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