So, Ananda Is Back To School!

There are so much things I'd write if I want to write all happened before I'm here now. It was about 2 weeks ago I arrived here in Penang. Then I did the all that registration thingy, and then voila! I'm officially a postgraduate student. 

I sometimes still can't believe that I'm here. It's all different. When I got my degree here, I don't even have any fear to face the class or people. I don't care what people would say after that. I was very independent and yes, selfish girl.

But now I feel it's gonna be so challenging. I can't be what I used to be. That doesn't mean I have to be someone else, but I think I need to be more responsible with my self. I have to be more active to gain knowledge, to get to know people and of course, I do really need to read more and more. 

So, how should I explain this? Yeah, I'm back to campus life. It's good to be back yet I know it's gonna be (very) tough.

I know what I want. And I know I can do it. Dear God, please lead my way. 


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