What Will You Do?

I do a lot of thinking lately. Well, actually not only lately, I'm thinking a lot since I was born. Hahaa. But for this matter, yes, lately.

As my fourth week of being a postgrad student, I met new people with their opinions, and also old people, means people I used to know, and of course, with their own opinions.

Every time conversation stuck into 'the life after university', the subjective and objective view got distracted. what will you do after your student life? what are you going to be after years of education? Will you work for people? will you start your own business? or you're going to back to school, pursue a highest level of study? or maybe, get married, start a family?

Since everyone has their own view, I often see that some people can not accept the point of other people. I mean, like, what's wrong with working for people? and what's wrong with pursue the study? and is that a crime of getting married?

I have friends that happy (financially or mentally) with their monthly salary from the company. They manage their life. I also have friends that really enjoy their own business. Making money from their passion, their ability to create something creative. And some of my friends are still busy with the books, notes and research. There are friends that so into their marriage life.

When I see those people, I feel like, hey, there's nothing wrong what you do after life of university. You can work, back to study, get married, or maybe, just stay at home, do some travelling.

Sometimes I think that, the 'cliche' chain of study- work- married is not that relevant these days. I think it's okay to do things I mentioned before as long as we know what we're doing, we know our own goals.

So, happy Monday, people! Let's rock this world.

P.S : I do love USM Hotspot (for the first time of uni life), no buffer on YouTube!!!:))


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