#K-Songs Current Obsession

G.Na - Ooops!
This song is actually far from my usual taste. It's a fact that I like kinda 'flirty' song but I usually throw away this type of Kpop songs from my playlist. However, I oddly stuck on this song for the past few days. I don't exactly know why I like this song. Maybe I like the guy's voice or maybe the music is simply easy listening. But still, the 'ooops ooops ooops...' at the ending of the song is kind of annoyed me. Well, just enjoy the song. 

C.N Blue - 사랑빛 (Love Light)
It's quite an old song and this song has been there in my playlist for long time. On one night I fell in love with this song and started to listen to it like ten times a day. How could resist Yong Hwa and Jong Hyun's voice?! 

Yuria - I'm In Love 
Another quite an old song from OST of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. It's kind of easy listening pop song but I love piano sound all over the song. And again, I have a feeling that the lyrics has deep meaning. 

Happy weekend!:D 


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