My introduction to Korean pop culture is actually not something new. But two years ago was an important point. I was desperately jobless with nothing to do. So I took Coffee Prince DVD at home, which I don't whose that is, and I started to watch it.


The wave hit me immediately. I was so amazed with the plot and I loved all songs in its soundtrack. Plus, I kind of fell in love with Gong Yo.. Well, who won't? After that, I started to watch other dramas and listened to more songs, especially k-indie. I even started learning read and write Hangul, which I can do it well now but don't ask me about grammar. It's difficult. :))

As my interest and consumption of k-pop material increase, I think I need a space functioning as a bin to just throw my thoughts out. Because sometimes I feel like commenting on Twitter or posting brief content in Tumblr are not enough.

I'll be writing many kinds of post here. It might be light and unimportant stuff but it might be the heavy one as well. And I'll be posting in English or Indonesian, depends on my mood. One thing for sure is that whatever I write in this blog is just my opinion. Let's just agree to disagree.;)

However, I'll gladly respond to your comments and suggestions. Just comment on my post or you can e-mail me to or mention @ndooks .

So, welcome to my blog, where random thoughts meet madness!


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