#K-Songs Current Obsession

I haven't wrote any post for like...a month?! Of course I got a bunch of songs on my Hanguk playlist. Here are some of the songs that currently stuck in this mind....

K.Will feat. Dynamic Duo - Hey You

I first heard K.Will somewhere in a soundtrack, which I forgot, and recently addicted to his Love Blossom. But one day, my roommate was curious about K.Will and randomly downloaded some of his songs. And there, I heard this Hey You. Very catchy song. Some part of the music reminded me of the song titled Heaven by Indonesian jazzy-funk band, Maliq n D'Essentials. 

Peppertones - Bikini

Yes, another Peppertones' song. I'm in love with this light, quicky, captivating song. Oh, officially being a fan of this duo!

J.Rabbit - Talking About Love

I think I can't get enough with sweet and mellow song. I got this song from Flower Boy Next Door drama soundtrack.

Kim Gun Mo - 빨간 우산 (red umbrella)

Let's go back to 90s. I discovered this song from compilation album, Playlist #1 Spring Is Here. Actually I listened to this song a lot last two years but I miss the song so I listen to it again. And since it's spring time in Korea. Hahaha. Naah...who could resist 90s melody?!:D 

Leessang - Turn Off TV (feat.Kwon Jung Yul of 10cm and Tasha)

I first listened to this song last year and addicted. That was when I've never watched Running Man. Blame me for braveness to watch that variety show. Gyaaah!! Now I'm in love with Kang Gary. Oh my....
So I listened to this song again with more attention to Gary's part. Ah, welcome, another madness....:)) 

Okay, gotta back to work now. Happy weekend.;)


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