Personality Test Part 2: Reliable Realist!

Nah, kalo menurut iPersonic,

Tipe personaliti saya adalah RR alias Reliable Reaist!

Reliable Realists are down-to-earth and responsible-minded. They are precise, reserved and demanding. Their most prominent quality is reliability and they will always make every effort to keep any promise given. Reliable Realists are more quiet and serious persons, they do not talk a lot but they are good listeners. They sometimes seem reserved and distant to outsiders although they often have a great deal of wit and esprit. Their strong points are thoroughness, a marked sense of justice, doggedness bordering on pigheadedness and a pragmatic, vigorous and purposeful manner. Reliable Realists do not dither about if something has to be done. They do what is necessary without wasting words.

(wah! Represent myself!=) Saya memang lebih suka diam dan serius. Sebenarnya saya punya sense of humor yang tinggi, cuma kadang malas aja bergabung dengan lingkungan yang belum terlalu saya kenal.

Saya memang memegang teguh tujuan yang telah saya buat dan berusaha bertanggung jawab serta menghadapi segala resikonya!

This personality type not only expects a lot of himself but also of others. Once Reliable Realists have set their mind on something, it is difficult to persuade them otherwise. They do not like to leave anything to chance. Planning means safety to Reliable Realists, as well as order and discipline. They have no problem respecting authorities and hierarchies but do not like to delegate tasks. They are certain that others would not deal with them as conscientiously as they do. In management positions, they are very task-oriented - they make sure that things are well done; however, they do not have a great deal of interest in personal contacts at work.

Hahahaa..yang ini juga bener nih. Saya memang task-oriented! Planning adalah segala2nya. Saya juga nyantai aja tuh untuk mematuhi pertauran yang ada. Nah, tapi jangan harap saya bisa melakukan delegate task! Hahaha… jadi, jika kalian menyuruh saya untuk mendekatkan diri kalian kepada sesorang melalui saya, jangan berharap terlalu banyak ya…

^berkedip nakal^

In relationships too, Reliable Realists are reliability itself. As partners, they are faithful and consistent, well-balanced and sensible. Security and stability are very important to them. They have little time for extravagances and flightiness. Whoever has them as friend or partner can rely on them for a lifetime. However, it takes quite a while for Reliable Realists to enter into a relationship or friendship. They have little need for social contacts; they therefore take great care when choosing partners and friends and limit themselves to a small but exclusive circle which meets their high demands. They tend to show their closeness to people who are important to them by deeds - their partner should rather not expect romantic declarations of love.

Hohohoo…pastinya! Stabilitas adalah segala2nya. Saya memang pemegang teguh paradigma fungsionalis. Semua ada hubungannya, jika salah satu rusak, maka semuanya akan terganggu. Heheheh….

Tapi yang Whoever has them as friend or partner can rely on them for a lifetime , sepertinya agak berlebihan..haha…

Ya ya ya, saya memang sangat berhati2 dalam menjalain suatu hubungan, baik itu pertemanan atau percintaan! Hihiihi…

Dan satu lagi, semua harus dilakukan dengan tindakan, bukan kata2! Hope my Edho read this post, terutama kalimat ini nih… their partner should rather not expect romantic declarations of love.


Adjectives which describe your type:

introverted, practical, logical, planning, tradition-conscious, organised, persistent, objective, tidy, conscientious, cautious, loyal, peace-loving, sensible, down-to-earth, responsible-minded, reserved, careful, independent, punctual, precise, demanding, ability to concentrate, trustworthy, pedantic, reliable, persevering

Whatever it is, test2 kayak gini memang berguna untuk mengenal diri sendir lebih dalam. Dan menerbitkannya dalam blog juga jadi satu cara supaya orang2 bisa memahami diri kita. Hehe…

Nah, bagaimana dengan Anda?

Ayo beramai2 test personality dan kemudian pubish dalam blog Anda. Semoga kita bisa lebih memahami satu sama lain.



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