Good morning, silly hair....

Hey people...I'm so sorry about my last post. That was a very silly kind of posting! and I'm so ashamed about it. Haha..

Well, I just had 'a-salah-potong-atau-rambutku-yang-memang-gak-bisa-diatur' haircut!

I went to a saloon at Sungai Dua, in frot of my campus. Actually I do intend to cut my hair so I go to that saloon. Right after she cut my hair, I feel so.....strange! It is because of my hair didn't look like what i want. I asked her to cut my hair again. For the second time, I feel the same, but better than the first one. So I just say thanks, pay for it and go outside.

Along the street, as long as I see the things that can show my shadow, I look at it! Just to make sure that my hair is not so silly. But I found that my hair is strange!
You see, it's not symmetric at all...

And the worst part is now, when I just woke up. Just look at the picture above.

Oh, damn it!

I have to back to (NOT) that saloon to repair this fuckin' hair...


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