The Question Is "Why", The Answer is...

Firstly, I have to say this : tonight is the most interesting class after all these sessions. This subject is called Qualitative Research Method and it has been taught for about nine weeks. (OMG! I just realized that this is the tenth week of the semester!!)

And now I'll go to the exact thing I want to say...

So, last night (yeah, as I write this piece, it's already 12am. hehe), we taught about research writing. The lesson is about the process of writing thesis, what are the elements of it and how to do those things. But I think the most interesting part of the class is the beginning of the session. 

So, before she began the lesson  the lecturer asked us this a truly, madly, deeply question: "Why do you want to do a research?" I was like...Oh, My God! this is a core question that have ever crossed my mind and I just avoided to think it deeper (just like I do with some of my thoughts. well, I'll go into that some other time). 

My friends of course came out with different answers. One said "because I want to know....bla bla bla...his/her research topic." And other said "because I want to make a contribution to my country..." or "I want to know more and explore about this field."

And when she asked me, "So,Ananda, why do you want to research?" and innocently I answered, "because I'm so interested in this communication field and it seems interesting and cool." Then my lecturer said, "interesting and cool?", I answered back, "Yeah, (grinning)."

Then I keep talking to my self after that. Yes maybe I was too naive thinking that doing research is something interesting and cool. In fact, after I learned last semester, to do research is still interesting but, cool? hmm...I might say...yes and no. 

Yes because I think, it is cool when you find an interesting topic, play with theories and try to questioned something, read a loooot about it, try to answer those questions with some complicated methodology, and in the end, you may be find something that you don't event expect to find. 
On the other side, I think, no, it's not cool. Because,'s not really a problem so what the hell are you doing? wasting your time questioning and answering something about things that people don't even look at?! 

About the 'unimportant thing', based on the what the lecture, when you can convince people that this issue is a really prominent one, then our research could be accepted.  Accepted, in terms of yes, people may not be understand well about your topic but at least, your courage and effort to do this thing is counted. This reminds me of when one of my lecturer said last semester "Research is about convincing people". Yeah I slowly get into understanding that phrase well. 

Whatever it is, maybe doing research is interesting and cool in its own way. But one thing I notice about doing research is that doing research is knowing your self better. If you think you can handle your topic, then go ahead. If you think you can not but you are not sure, then minimize your scope, seek some helps. If you think you can not, think again, why do you think you can not? maybe because you think you can't. So, think of that you can. 

In my short period of learning time, I faced difficulties that I think I can't handle in the first time and definitely will face bigger problems after this. But observing people's surround and listening to their problems makes me think that we actually can handle ourselves. We just need to learn that. The 'everything is gonna be alright' is SUCKS but yeah, we will see that eventually. 

And just like doing research, when we know well what we study, then the examiner wouldn't ask many questions, means they understand, and then our thesis will pass. So, in life, I think we just have to know well what we want to do and go for it. Convince people that we can. The difficulties will absolutely came along the process and it will be okay in the end. As John Lennon said, "If it's not okay, then this is not the end." And if it's not the end, then we have to keep moving. 

So, Ananda, why do you want to do a research? because I want to and I think I can do it. Really, why you want to do a research,? because, I WANT TO GRADUATE !!! :)))))))


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